The SALT Foundation

NDIS Charter of Rights

NDIS Charter of Rights

What Do We Do?

The SALT Foundation delivers programs for the broader community and also for participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This page outlines our NDIS Charter of Rights.

SALT’s aim is to give people with and without disability personalised, high quality and innovative supports and services.

Our service is holistic, which means we consider people’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to enhance their well-being so that the pathways to independence, social and economic participation are tenable.

To find out more about the NDIS, check out our NDIS Resources.

When you start out as an NDIS participant, you get an NDIS plan, which outlines the supports your plan allows you to access.

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In most cases, when you’re on the NDIS, you’ll work with disability support workers. Here’s how to find a disability support worker.

What is Our NDIS Charter of Rights?

Our Charter sets out:

  • Our service commitment
  • The standards you can expect from the SALT Foundation
  • How you can help us help you
  • How you can make suggestions for improvement
  • Information on raising concerns about SALT
  • Our contact information

Our Service Commitment

  • Provide people with choice and control to access and take part in the most appropriate activities and services
  • Provide people with holistic support to improve their well-being so they become more independent and included in the community. People who need high levels of everyday support may be eligible for Supported Independent Living.
  • Recognise and uphold informal support and care arrangements
  • Welcome, respect and value feedback
  • Welcome and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as traditional land owners
  • Raise awareness and knowledge in the community of how to support people with disability
  • We serve people from all races, religion, or cultures
  • We welcome and serve all of a person’s community who is involved in the life of a participant; family, carers, friends and extended community

We developed these commitments in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the National Standards for Disability Services.

All the SALT Foundation’s team are aware of these standards and handle their implementation.

If You’re Unhappy With Us

We respect and value feedback and encourage people to share their concerns, compliments and suggestions with us.

You can share your concerns, compliments, feedback, and suggestions with us in several ways, including:

Our goal is to understand and resolve concerns as quickly as possible, long before they become a complaint.

We aim to continually improve our service by listening to your feedback. You can find out more information about how the SALT Foundation handles complaints by asking any of our team.


Participants are welcome and supported in their choice to use an advocate or support person if they feel it is necessary.


  • Take immediate action to resolve the matter, especially where there is a high risk of harm, neglect or abuse
  • Acknowledge the complaint in 24 hrs by contacting you
  • Keep you informed of actions and outcome
  • Make adjustments in our procedures as relevant to findings of complaint


  • Keep us informed about any special requirements you may have
  • Keep us updated with contact details or change of ability to attend
  • Ask us if you are unsure about anything


We respect and protect the privacy and dignity of people with disability. Though we collect, store and update personal information to help provide services to meet your individual needs, this is done with strict confidentiality, as per our Privacy Policy.


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