The SALT Foundation

Community Service Programs

Salt is a registered charity and in addition to the work we are doing in the disability area we are also committed to programs that seek to improve the well-being of people, families and communities through three focus areas: relief programs, NDIS support work and community coaching.

Relief Programs

Physical needs are the first place we like to start with our community. After all it is hard to concentrate on anything else if there is no food on the table for the family.

We can offer material help through food distribution and community meals. We work with other agencies and advocates to help meet other physical needs where we can.


The benefits of support work, when combined with coaching or mentoring, is well documented. The improvements in well-being and the motivation to pursue personal goals or pathways are common among participants.

…’coaches are committed to vision casting, goal setting, improving performance, helping others overcome doubts, boosting confidence, building skills, and moving people toward their ideals.

Community Coaching

Community Coaching (a friend with a purpose) is all about empowering others to make, meet and exceed their personal goals in life. It involves walking alongside people in times of crisis or helping them celebrate achievements.

Community Coaches are there to create opportunities and provide bridges out of poverty by casting hope and creating possibility so that participants feel comfortable to explore their strengths, try new things, and take steps towards a brighter future.