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7 Reasons to Hire a Disability and Support Service Provider5 min read

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Disability services Australia - 7 Reasons to Hire a Disability and Support Service Provider

Your disability doesn’t have to limit you from engaging with life. Tap into the right support services and you can begin unlocking your potential.

You’re about to learn seven benefits to finding disability services that can help you.

Here we go:

1) They Can Help You Set and Reach Your Goals

Your journey with the NDIS starts with identifying your goals. It continues as you work with support services to achieve those goals.

How do you go about setting those goals? A good NDIS provider will guide you through setting SMART goals.

The benefits of goals go beyond your disability. Goals are targets for what you’d like to achieve in your life and how to go about those things.

disability services help you reach your goals
You CAN reach your goals!

2) They Can Help You with Everyday Activities

You can access services to get a support worker to help with what you need to take part in everyday life. Things like personal care, such as showering, toileting, making meals, and shopping.

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3) They Can Help You Build Your Independence

One of the recurring themes in our blog is independence. Why? The primary goal of the NDIS is to equip you with the skills you need to live independently.

One of the basic human rights for people with disability is the ability to live the life you want. This includes choosing what kind of supports you’ll get from which provider.

4) They Can Help You Develop Your Skills

Disability support services provide help you learn how to do things, so in the future, you can do them on your own.

Examples include learning how to:

  • Plan your meals in advance and create a shopping list.

  • Get around on public transport.

  • Take part in community groups and make friends.

disability support helps you learn skills
Think about what skills you’d like to learn.

5) They Can Help You Have Better Health

Health can be in the body, mind, heart, and soul. Every fortnight, the SALT Foundation runs events teaching you how to be healthier.

6) They Can Help You Manage Your Money

Many people never learn skills for managing their money. And yet, managing your money is not that hard.

In The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clayson, we’re taught the first principle of managing your money: Pay yourself first. 

For most people, budgeting doesn’t work (or does it?). Several money “gurus” don’t budget for that reason. But planning works.

Plan to remove emotion from how you manage your money, and automating as much as you can:

  • Bills.

  • Savings.

  • Investments.

disability supports can help you manage your money
Learn how to manage your money, so you have money for the things you need.

7) They Can Be a Trusted Source of Information

A good support service provides you with timely, relevant, and current information.

On the SALT Foundation’s blog, we cover the following seven categories:

Health & Wellbeing

Above, we discussed why supporting people’s health and being is the most important thing we do at SALT. On our blog, we’ll regularly share tips for being the healthiest you can be.

Money & Business

Money has two elements: Income and wealth. Income is the money you earn, through either a job, business, or interest on assets. Wealth is the money you keep and convert into income-producing assets.

We teach people with disability and anyone in need how to increase their income.

One way is through information on how to find employment with a disability. We’ll also guide you through starting your own business. Specifically, we’ll encourage you to start a social enterprise. Social enterprises give back to the community as they earn their profits.

Understanding the NDIS

We aim to provide you with useful information to understand the NDIS and get the most out of your plan.

Success Stories

Each month, we’ll share a story of someone who has found success through the SALT Foundation.

Family & Carers

Family members and friends play a large role in caring for people with disability. Especially young people. We provide families and carers with advice on supporting someone with a disability.

Personal Development

Setting and achieving goals is the first thing, but there’s so much more. As you work on your goals, you’ll need to develop skills in many areas, including:

  • Building relationships.

  • Advocating for your needs and desires.

  • Gaining confidence.

  • Problem-solving.

  • Being courageous.

  • Practicing discipline.

NDIS Careers

We also write content for people working in the disability sector. People in roles like:

  • Support workers.

  • Support coordinators.

  • Psychosocial recovery coaches.

  • Local Area Coordinators.

  • Early Childhood Intervention Coordinators.

By addressing this topic, we’re able to equip professionals so they can best support you.

Conclusion: Get the Disability and Support Services You Need

Different providers offer different things. It’s up to you to choose the right provider for you.

Four of the seven reasons above are common to every provider:

  • Goal setting.

  • Support with everyday activities.

  • Building independence.

  • Developing skills.

The rest are unique to the SALT Foundation:

  • Better health.

  • Money management.

  • Trusted source of information.

What do you look for in your disability support services? Please comment and share.

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