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Activities to Do With Your Support Worker During COVID-195 min read

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activities to do with your support worker during covid-19

Now that Melbourne is in Lockdown 6, are you looking for support worker activity ideas?

Regardless of what happens, the SALT Foundation is here to support you.

It’s difficult to think of things you can do with your support worker, especially when there are restrictions.

Here are some ideas for you to discuss with your Support Worker and get things rolling so they can be a helpful support to you. 

Start by thinking about what you would like or need to do.

Ask yourself if you could keep working on your initial goals or build on them in a new way.

Would you mind talking about your goals with your Support Worker and working on them collaboratively?

Your Support Worker wants to help you build skills and increase your independence. If you need a lot of help every day, you may like to consider Supported Independent Living.

If you’re still feeling distressed, that’s OK. Make a mind map and explore some goals and options, or look below for some inspiration. 

22 Ideas for Activities to Do With Your Support Worker During COVID-19

  • Create a vision board with your Support Worker. Think about your goals, print out some inspirational photos, and put them on your bedroom wall or mirror.
  • Create a playlist or download your favourite songs with the help of your Support Worker.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride in nature together in a pleasant park near them, stay 1.5 metres away from other people and wear a face mask.
Activities to Do With Your Support Worker During COVID-19 - Cycling
Cycling is one activity you can do with your Support Worker During COVID-19
  • Clean out your space, whether it be your desk, junk drawer, or car. Having a decluttered, organized space can help you clear your mind too.
  • Ask your Support Worker to teach you to play a musical instrument.
  • Go for a scenic drive and play your favourite music.
  • Watch a documentary together on a topic you find interesting.
  • Scrapbook together with your favourite photos.
  • Do an online virtual tour of a museum or gallery. Here are three to get you started:
  • Get active and do an online Zumba or exercise class from YouTube. Some channels include:
  • Do your grocery shopping online together at Woolworths or Coles.
  • Activities to Do With Your Support Worker During COVID-19: Plant some plants
    Another activity you can do with your Support Worker is bringing some outdoor goodness indoors by planting some plants.
    • Let your Support Worker help you make a planter with succulents, herbs, flowers, or other plants.
    • Wash your car together.
    • Get help to declutter or do a deep clean.
    • Write your favourite inspirational quotes on some paper or a sticky note and put them in places you often see, like your bedside table, mirror, or refrigerator. 
    • Do some painting on canvas or paint some rocks with inspirational messages and place them around your garden to remind you to stay positive.
    • Let your Support Worker help you to video call your friends or family.
    • Play a board game or play some card games together.

    Learn As Much As You Can

    • Spend a session creating a Bucket List of all the things you want to learn. Make a list of all the things you want to learn or try. Start learning one of them with your Support Worker.
    • Learn a new language together so you can talk to your family members easier, or learn Auslan, the Australian sign language.

    Conclusion: Support Worker Activity Ideas Let You Stay Engaged and Healthy

    In this article, I’ve shown you 22 activities you can do with your Support Worker during COVID-19. Depending on how long Lockdown 6 lasts, you may do some or all of them.

    And even if you do none of them, my hope is this list will inspire you to come up with your own ideas for activities.

    Remember, phone or video calls with your Support Worker are also available during the lockdown.

    And if you’d like to make the most of these support worker activity ideas, make sure you have funding in your plan for Recreation and Social Activities.

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