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Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and surrounds

The SALT Foundation is a disability service and support provider

The SALT Foundation is a community-based disability charity providing assistance programs that promote favourable physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Our profits go to our community service projects.

We have worked nearly ever since the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a provider. We have identified the need for quality Support Workers capable of offering care and compassion to participants.

We’re seeking disability participants to get our services as we have the capacity in Frankston and nearby to provide care.

If you have high day-to-day support needs, you may get funding for Supported Independent Living.

Our NDIS Services in Frankston

The SALT Foundation is an NDIS provider in Frankston looking to enrich the community and all members of the public, including NDIS participants.

Our work includes providing NDIS Support Workers and Support Coordination in Frankston and groups and activities to engage with and promote health for NDIS participants.

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We also work across the Mornington Peninsula. So if you’re in another suburb, we may still be able to deliver what you need to enable you to reach your goals.

Our National Disability Insurance Scheme Programs and Initiatives in Frankston

The SALT Foundation Frankston specialises in delivering the help you need in your local area as an NDIS provider.

If you have an NDIS plan, we can help you reach your goals, meet your needs, and increase independence.

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NDIS Made Easy

Capacity building is a program that helps a person with a disability develop a skill for improvement or knowledge.

Core Support is flexible. It should allow you to get help to become active in your community or attend appointments at work, or do anything.

As a provider, we can either give you the assistance you need or link you to other services such as OTs, physios, psychologists, and Support Coordination, among others.

Contact a provider you can trust on 1300 777 258, so we can help you navigate the maze of services available.

The SALT Foundation Frankston offers a range of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme to promote your well-being, including:

Community Participation aims to create confidence and develop social skills.

Activities can include sports clubs, church, art classes, social outings and many other skill development groups.

increase independence

Innovative Community Participation is similar to Community Participation in many ways. You can design and execute activities in which you want to participate in.

Innovative community participation also means taking part in community participation activities as provided by the provider. SALT offers community participation programs like cooking classes and community dinner events.

We assist people with a disability to take part in household chores which they can’t complete themselves.

Assistance can include cleaning, vacuuming, organising, and undertaking the required household chores for improved everyday living.

SALT Foundation Frankston

Life Skills Training & Development helps people with disabilities develop their life skills by aiding and assisting participants in reaching their goals. 

This lets people improve their autonomy and increase their life skills capabilities to their fullest potential.

Recreational and social activities can span up to five days of the week and includes club or group activities.

SALT Foundation Frankston

This funding is for people who have been incapable of using public transport out of their mobility limitations. It can include transportation to health care facilities, groups, and community involvement.

NDIS funds activities that increase mobility and strength to allow healthy living via personal training.

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SALT Foundation Frankston

This funding category allows us to help people with disabilities get reports from OTs and GPs. These reports are used to get specific tools and supports to function better as they live their day-to-day lives.

Participants can use an NDIS Support Coordinator to manage their services. NDIS support coordination means you get the support required to plan, budget and find ways to implement the supports in your plan.

As one of the leading providers, SALT has a dedicated Support Coordination Hub to give you the best support.

Give us a call to discuss your plan and discover how easy it is to start.

How our services can help you

As a provider, we’re committed to you getting all the help you need. We maintain the capacity to provide you with the assistance you need because we’re continually expanding our team.

NDIS support work plays an essential role in building your choice and control, increasing independence and confidence.

Our workers will help you achieve your goals, allowing you to feel empowered and promote your well-being.

Our workers can help you:

  • Set and meet your goals and help you feel fulfilled
  • Gain independence through learning new skills
  • Learn how to perform essential daily tasks, such as household tasks, which increases your ability to live your life independently
  • Develop a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Grow your communication skills to allow you to interact with others and verbalise your needs more effectively so others can understand what support you require
  • Socialise and befriend others on your well-being journey who can support you
  • Participate in things that bring you joy so you can live an even more fulfilling life
  • Increase your skills and learn how to use public transport
  • Build confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Develop your existing skills
  • Increase your well-being through fitness and living a healthy lifestyle where you can feel fulfilled
  • Develop your capacity and ability to do the things you need to do
  • Build your mobility so that you can move freely and quickly to achieve your goals and critical tasks
  • Gain a better quality of life so you will feel satisfied with your accomplishments

Contact the SALT Foundation Frankston office

If you think you might benefit from some support to work on your goals, big or small, then get started or reach out to our friendly team on 1300 777 258.

Local NDIS Resources

  • Visit the SALT Foundation Frankston office at Level 4/374 Nepean Highway, Frankston VIC 3199.
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