Our Mission

The SALT Foundation's Mission

The heart of the SALT Foundation is helping people. Our mission started in 2009 when our founders, Roger and Catherine Donnelley drove a blue food van around to Melbourne’s housing commission flats to feed those in need.

Almost straight after, we began supporting a children’s home in southern India.

From Random Acts of Kindness to Supporting People as Our Business

When the NDIS rolled out fully in 2017, we became an NDIS provider. We saw it as a way to do two things. First, it lets us help more people, specifically people living with disabilities. Second, we use the money we earn from our NDIS work to carry out more community programs.

In 2020, the SALT Foundation’s CEO and Founder, Roger Donnelley, took the time to wrestle with his vision and work out what we’re really about. The result was he arrived at our mission statement:

Our Mission Statement

The SALT Foundation’s mission is to be a sustainable Christian foundation by becoming the top NDIS provider in Australia so we can bless people and help eradicate poverty and suffering in the world.

About Being a Christian Organisation

About being a Christian organisation, we have two things to say.

First, we’re not affiliated with any church. Most of our office team identify as Christians and attend a variety of denominational and non-denominational churches.

Second, it’s our Christian identity that gives us the values that enable us to have the caring reputation we’re known for. And it’s our faith in God that inspires us to carry out our mission.

How You Can Support the SALT Foundation to Fulfil Our Mission

You can support us in several ways.

If you’re a Victorian NDIS participant looking for support, in the form of support workers, support coordinators, or psychosocial recovery coaches, please request support.

If you’re a support coordinator or a plan manager or someone who has friends or family on the NDIS, please refer them to us.

And finally, we are a registered charity, meaning donations are tax deductible. So if you’re able to support our community projects through giving financially, please donate to us.

You can call us Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, on 1300 777 258.