About Us

Established in 2011, The Salt Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation providing programs that promote a state of physical, social and mental well-being for people, families and communities.

We have been working in the NDIS almost since it’s inception and have identified the need for quality Support Workers who are able to provide care and compassion to our participants.

As a not-for-profit 100% of our profits are used to benefit the community

How It Works

1. We listen to what you need

Everyone story is unique. We all have our own particular needs.

2. We explain how things work

Sometimes the system can be complicated. We break it down in easy English so you understand it.

3. We recommend a solution

Our selected carers have all met the Government required qualifications for your peace of mind

NDIS Services

Providing a service that you can depend on

Community Participation

Our support workers empower participants to take part in the community (NDIS Community Participation) through activities and social groups. This encourages individuals to participate in the community and aims to build independence, develop skills, try new things, and create a sense of belonging. Types of activities can include sports clubs, going to church, art classes, social outings, and other skill development groups. Salt is big on inclusion for anyone with a disability so give us a shout and have a chat about what community participation activities are right for you

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Life Skills Training & Development

Life Skills Training & Development provides disability skill development activities and life skills training that aid and assist participants to achieve their goals within the NDIS plan. This enables individuals to increase independence and life skills disabilities to their fullest potential. This can include assistance with travel, self-sufficient use of public transport, building cooking skills, and learning and developing essential skills, needed to live an autonomous life.

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Assistance with Daily Living

Assistance with Daily Living NDIS provides participants with support for household tasks that they are not able to complete or need assistance with. NDIS Assistance with daily living can include cleaning, vacuuming, organizing and undertaking required household duties, to improve everyday living. Daily living support is a service that is easy to set up and such a relief to have in place. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with any of your Improved daily living NDIS tasks please get in touch

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Improved Daily Living

Improved Daily Living is provided by our support workers who provide dependable assistance for daily living including the personal needs of participants to develop skills and have their needs met. NDIS Daily Activities can be broken into daily personal activities including self-care and high-intensity personal activities for participants with greater self-care needs, with our more experienced team. Give us a call to discuss your NDIS Assistance with Daily Living requirements and one of our friendly team will help you understand how we can help

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Support Coordination

Ndis Support Coordination is all about helping you to get your services set up and then running smoothly for the duration of your plan. Participants can receive assistance from having an Ndis Support coordination person to help services be managed. Ndis support coordination means you get the help required for planning, budgeting, and deciding how to implement supports through your plan. This can also include support in transitioning between life stages such as accommodation assistance. Support coordination services are such an important decision. Give us a call to discuss your plan and discover how easy it is to get started now

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Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation is a similar category to Community Participation in many ways. It allows you to design and implement activities that you would specifically like to be involved in. Innovative Community Participation also can mean getting involved in community participation activities that are offered by the provider. Salt offers community participation program’s like cooking classes and community dinners outings which are all available to NDIS participants and so much more. Please get in touch and have a chat about what Innov Community participation Ndis activities you are looking for

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Travel & Transport

Travel & Transport allows participants to access supports and activities to achieve their individual needs and objectives. This service is for those participants who due to their disability are unable to use public transport. This can include transport to medical services, group activities, and enable community participation. Ndis transport allowance or Ndis travel allowance can be used to cover many of your travel & transport needs when it comes to getting out and about to the activities that are important to you.

Let one of our friendly team explain Ndis transport to you in plain English.

Health and Wellbeing Activities

Health and Wellbeing Activities is a support that encourages the Health and Wellbeing Activities vital to your health. These Ndis supported activities increase physical mobility and capacity to enable a healthy lifestyle, through individual personal training. We have many Support workers who are trained to help you with Ndis exercise physiology. Check out how we can help with your Improved health and wellbeing

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Recreational and Social Activites

Recreational and Social Activities allows participants to access group-based community services including social and recreational activities in a community or center environment, to enrich their lives. Group & Centre Activities can be fun and provide respite. Recreational and Social Activities can be for one day to 5 days per week and can include a variety of club Ndis activities

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NDIS Made Easy

Keeping it simple and understandable for you

Core Support

Core support is flexible and can be used to get help to get involved in your community, attend appointments, help around the home and just about anything you feel like doing

Capacity Building

Capacity building is about coaching you to develop a skill so you can improve your knowledge or skill in a particular area

Everything Else

There are many support that you may have including OT, Physio, Psych, Coordination to name a few. Give us a call and we can help you to navigate the maze of providers

Discover why so many have chosen Salt

Friendly Support

Physical needs are the first place we like to start with our community.

Peace of Mind

We can offer material help through food distribution and community meals.

Easy and reliable

We can offer material help through food distribution and community meals.


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