The Salt March

Join the SALT Foundation’s Salt March, walking, running, or rolling for mental health and wellbeing.

Bringing Hope. Creating Change


Register your participation in the Salt March, and get an email with directions on how to get moving, and how to get your friends and family involved.

Once you’ve registered, simply go for a walk, run or roll. Click the link above to submit your results. This will encourage friends and family to get moving too. 

Each time you submit your results you can encourage a family member or friend to not only go for a walk, run or roll, you can encourage your network to donate to this great cause.

How to particpate once registered

Lace up your shoes for a cause! Join the Salt Foundation March and walk, run, or ride and make a difference in the lives of those in need!


Time to get thousands of feet moving across Victoria. Here is your chance to have fun, and get active for a cause!


All money raised will be divided among three causes targeting the roots of poor mental health: Isolation, trauma, and poverty.

Imagine ripples of change starting with a single drop. Your valuable donation can go toward one of the many causes to help another.

Will you join in the walk, run or roll, and do your part to empowering women, rescuing lives, or savouring ethically sourced moments?

Donate today and watch your ripple become a wave of positive impact.

Donate to Mental Health and Wellbeing

​​Mental Health and Wellbeing - Bringing Hope. Creating Change

Donate to this cause and the Salt Foundation will ensure 100% of the money raised will be distributed evenly across these various causes.


Eco-therapy's healing touch

For some, eco-therapy's healing touch is out of reach. Your gift unlocks the door to wellbeing for those who need it most. 

Every person deserves to feel the grounding peace of nature, to find strength in its vastness, and to experience the joy of reconnecting with the Earth. For those with disabilities, these gifts can be distant dreams. Your generosity bridges the gap, making eco-therapy a reality, not a wistful longing.

Let's make eco-therapy an inclusive haven. Donate today and empower individuals with disabilities to claim their rightful place in nature's nurturing embrace.


Eden – Rescuing human trafficking victims

According to the ILO, 49.6 million people are trapped in modern-day slavery. Our mission is to extend God’s love to people who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. At Eden, we care for the whole person: their physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and social well-being. Eden’s programs are based in South-East Asia which is host to more than half of the global total of human trafficking victims. In 2014 Eden began its programs in Myanmar, a nation that has been a hotbed for human trafficking for years. Political instability, natural disasters, and internal ethnic infighting have led to a devastating lack of opportunity for the people of Myanmar. Poverty and political unrest are at the heart of Myanmar's human trafficking crisis, which has only grown more severe over recent years. The economic collapse, brought on by the pandemic and political crisis, has exacerbated the level of human trafficking and the need for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other not-for-profit organizations like Eden to fill this void and provide essential support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Empower a woman, change a family

Empower a woman, change a family. $350 fuels a female entrepreneur's dream. 50 women by 2024, let's make it happen! For just $350, you can be the spark that ignites a woman's potential. Watch her micro-business blossom, her family thrive, and her community flourish. Join us in empowering 50 women by year's end! Every dollar counts. Invest in a woman's future with a $350 microloan. Help us build a brighter tomorrow for 50 women, one community at a time.